The Denver Folklore Center will ship your purchase to you using the service which we judge to be the fastest and safest for your instrument. Outgoing shipping will be free for purchases of $249.00 or more and a flat fee of $35.00 for purchases totaling less than $249.00. This offer only applies to recipients in the contiguous United States. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the instrument you have purchased on-line from the Denver Folklore Center, you may return it (in the same condition and packaging in which it arrived to you) for a full refund. You must first notify us that you wish to return your purchase by calling us at 303-777-4786 within 48 hours of your having received the shipment. We will provide instructions for re-packing, insuring and shipping the instrument back to us via UPS or FedEx only. You are responsible for the cost of insurance and shipping. Once the instrument arrives in our store and has been examined, we will contact you and then issue you a refund minus a 5% restocking fee.