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String Recycling

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with D’Addario Strings so that you can now recycle your used instruments strings – steel or nylon – by simply dropping them off at our store. For many years we recycled the strings that our staff and repair department took off instruments by giving to local artists who turned them into jewelry. That option, unfortunately, is no longer available.

Now with D’Addario’s PLAY BACK program you simply pop your strings into the collection box in our lobby and we take care of the rest. They’ll be sent back to D’Addario and then delivered to Teracycle, an expert company in the field of recycling difficult items to recycle. The more we send to D’Addario the more Teracycle processes the less ends up in landfills. A win-win for all of us! And while you are here, pick up some new strings for yourself or to give as gifts. Nothing brings an instrument to life like fresh strings!