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Spencer Crawford – Teacher (Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Accordion...)

Spencer Crawford Music Teacher

Spencer Crawford is one of our highly recommended music teachers. He teaches (and plays) guitar, mandolin, banjo, accordion, and sometimes fiddle, ukulele, percussion, and piano/keyboard. And he teaches all age groups - “My youngest students have been around six and my oldest students about 88”.

Spencer took music lessons from age eight to eighteen, then became a music teacher himself. And he knows music is not only good for the soul - “People should take music lessons for a multitude of reasons. Music activates parts of the brain that aren’t used elsewhere in life. So, music is one of the ultimate ways to expand one's mind.”

His path to teaching music began when he was nineteen years old in his hometown of Topeka, Kansas at Supersonic Music. “I think my friend Dan Corwin helped refer me because we also worked at a health food store at the time. I taught in Kansas for about four-and-a-half years before moving to Colorado in 2011. Since then I’ve taught at the following places that are all unfortunately closed: Acoustic Music Revival, the Music Box, Rockley Music and Denver World Music Studio. I currently teach at Swallow Hill Music and Flesher Hinton Music.

And Spencer gets a kick out of watching his students grow as musicians. “I love seeing my students' music abilities and knowledge evolve over time, especially when they get to the point they can improvise, write songs or even start their own bands.”

When he’s not teaching (or playing music in his bands That Damn Sasquatch and Spencer Erik Crawford Band) he enjoys listening to a variety of music – “I really like good high-energy extended play live recordings. These days I like playing funky music, zydeco and all kinds of roots music, anything from Prince to the Osborne Brothers.”

Want to learn more about taking lessons? Spencer teaches mostly group lessons at Swallow Hill Music, one-on-one private lessons at Flesher Hinton Music and some online lessons as well. Folks can get in touch by email or phone: 785-969-8407.