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Fishman Loudbox Mini + Bluetooth


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (303) 777-4786 for more information.


Input: 1/4" and 1/8" auxiliary
Effects: Digital Reverb and Chorus effects
Bluetooth: Yes
Power: 60 watts with Master Volume
Drivers: 6.5" woofer, 1" soft dome tweeter
SPL: 108dB SPL at 1 meter
Baffle: 10° built-in tilt
Dimensions: 12" H x 13.7" W x 9.7" D
Weight: 19.7 lbs (8.9 kgs)
Channels: Two Channel - Instrument and microphone
D.I. Output: Balanced XLR output
Phase: Feedback-fighting Phase switch
EQ: 3-band EQ with low, mid, and high tone controls


The Fishman Loudbox Mini is a versatile and portable dual channel amplifier with a variety of built in equalization controls, effects, and anti-feedback controls and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The 60 watts of power provides plenty of natural acoustic volume. Built in Balanced XLR Output allows a player to use all the features of the amp and send the signal out to a larger amplification system. The Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp is the perfect amplification accessory for the solo singer songwriter or a performing duo.