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Acoustic Solutions ASG-8 120


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Inputs: Two dual-function 1/4" or XLR, with additional 1/8" auxiliary input 
Effects: Reverb, echo, flange, and two chorus renders
Bluetooth: Yes
Power: 120 watts with master volume
Drivers: 8" woofer, 1" soft dome tweeter
Baffle: 15° built-in tilt
Dimensions: 12.7" H x 16.2" W x 12" D
Weight: 25.7 lbs
Channels: Two
D.I. Output: Balanced XLR output
Phase: Feedback-fighting phase switch
EQ: 3-band EQ with additional resonance knob


For the acoustic musician who needs an amplifier that's rich, responsive, portable, and reasonably priced, the Acoustic Solutions ASG-8 120 from Godin Guitars fits the bill better than almost any speaker you'll find. Godin's impeccable ear for acoustic tone ensures that the ASG-8 gives you an authentic and pure representation of your instrument's sound, but the easy-to-use controls and wide array of effects and EQ options allow you to dial in just about sound you like, depending on what the performance dictates. Despite the small size, the ASG-8 packs a punch with an 8" woofer, 1" soft-dome tweeter, and 120 watts of solid-state power, enabling you to fill small rooms even without support from the venue's PA. The ASG-8 boasts two dual-function inputs, a 1/8" auxiliary input, and three outputs, including a fully balanced XLR out for a D.I., a footswitch out, and a headphone out. It'd be tough to build a better acoustic amp for small engagements and recordings - or really anywhere your songs take you. Comes in a matte black or wood finish.