Sold Museum

A collection of used and vintage guitars, banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, and more sold at the Denver Folklore Center over the years.

These images are for representative purpose only and the instruments featured are not currently for sale.

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Atkinson A-4 Two Point


Bonnie Carol Dulcimer #442 (2014)


Collings 0001 12-Fret Custom


Collings MT Honey Amber


Deering Eagle II Openback (2013)


Deering Vega Senator 6 (2008)


Eastman E20D Custom with Old Standard Wood Adirondack (2015)


Gibson A-2 Mandolin (c.1920)


Gibson A-3 (c.1920)


Gibson A-4 (c.1918)


Gibson COPY Parts Banjo (1980s)


Gibson ES-125 (1954)


Gibson ES-175D (1968)


Gibson ES-330 (c.1947)


Gibson F-2 (late 1910s)


Gibson F-4 (1921)


Gibson F-5 Bill Monroe Signature Edition (1992)


Gibson Hummingbird Custom Shop 'New Vintage' (2011)


Gibson L-1 (c.1929)


Gibson L-48 Archtop (c.1957)


Gibson RB-250 (c. 1979)


Gibson SJ-200 with L.R. Baggs Element Pickup (2008)


Harmony Archtop Mandocello Conversion (Used)


Harmony Archtop Octave Mandolin Conversion (Used)


Kamaka HF-1 Soprano (1960s)


Kamaka HF-2 Concert 100th Anniversary Edition


Kamaka HF-3DS Deluxe Spruce Top Tenor


Kamaka HP-1 Pineapple 100th Anniversary Edition


Kanilea HNS-C Honu Concert


Kentucky KM-630 (Used)


Kentucky KM-675 (Used)


Larrivee P-05 (2006)


Manuel Rodriguez FC (used)


Martin 0-18K (1924)


Martin 000-16GT with Martin Gold+ Pickup


Martin 000c Nylon (2014)


Martin 1-21 (c. 1860 - 1898)


Martin Backpacker Classical


Martin Custom Shop 00-14 (2013)


Martin Custom Shop D-18 Golden Era (2012)


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