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Sold Museum

A collection of used and vintage guitars, banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, and more sold at The Denver Folklore Center.

These images are for representative purpose only and the instruments featured are not currently for sale.

If you are interested in our consignment service please view the consignment service page of our website and contact us.

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Atkinson A-2 Point Mandolin


Atkinson A-4 Two Point


Atkinson A2- 2 Point Mandolin


Bishline "Classic" Resonator (2011)


Bishline Danny Barnes Model (2012)


Bonnie Carol Dulcimer #408 (2011)


Bonnie Carol Dulcimer #442 (2014)


Bonnie Carol Myrtle Wood Dulcimer #469


Chuck Lee Custom Maple 11" (c. 2013)


Chuck Lee Custom Prairieville 11" (c.2012)


Collings 003


Collings OM2H Cutaway (2017)


Collings OM2H G (2008)


Collings UC3K Concert Ukulele


Cordoba Loriente Carmen Negra (2012)


Deering Sierra Mahogany (2013)


Deering Vega Senator 6 (2008)


Dobro Roundneck Model 66 (1974)


Eastman E1SS-LTD-CLA


Eastman E20D Custom with Old Standard Wood Adirondack (2015)


Ellis Twin-Point Special (2018)


Epiphone Joe Pass (1993)


Fender Coronado II (1965)


Flatiron Performer A5 (2001)


Gibson A-1 (c.1916)


Gibson A-2 (1923)


Gibson A-2 Mandolin (c.1920)


Gibson A-3 (c.1920)


Gibson A-4 (c.1918)


Gibson A-4 (c.1928)


Gibson COPY Parts Banjo (1980s)


Gibson Earl Scruggs Standard (1996)


Gibson Earl Scruggs Standard (2006)


Gibson ES-125 (1954)


Gibson ES-125 (1958)


Gibson ES-175D (1968)


Gibson ES-330 (c.1947)


Gibson ES-335TD '63 VOS Block Reissue (2016)


Gibson F-2 (late 1910s)


Gibson F-4 (1921)


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