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Octolindo S Model Troubadour


Kilin Reece's Octolindos have proven a popular addition to the world of octave mandolins, standing among the best of the bunch currently in production. That's what makes us so excited to carry his new S Models, flat-top instruments with round, guitar-style soundholes for increased sustain and more low end and midrange. The S Model Troubadour is the most affordably priced of any of his octave mandolins, but it's no slouch. A solid Engelmann spruce top pairs with mahogany back and sides for a bright and powerful sound that will leap out at your audience, whether solo, or within the context of a band or ensemble. Appointments are fairly minimal and instead underscore the natural beauty of the tonewoods, but the attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship is evident in every curve and contour of this pro-level instrument. Included in the price is a hard-shell case, to keep your Octolindo protected wherever your troubadouring takes you.

*Photos from our inventory, actual grain patterns may vary Slightly. Contact us for details.