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This is our inventory of vintage and previously owned acoustic guitars for sale. We also sell vintage and used banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, mountain and hammered dulcimers, and other instruments. Currently available instruments may include models made by Martin Guitars, Taylor Guitars, Gibson Guitars, Guild Guitars, Deering Banjos, Ome Banjos, and Gibson mandolins among others. If you are interested in a particular instrument and would like more information please call us and review the Conditions of Sale. Visit our archive page for information on previously sold older and vintage instruments.

Used and Vintage Banjos

Used and Vintage Guitars

Used and Vintage Mandolins

Used and Vintage Resonators and Dobros

Used and Vintage Ukuleles


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David Gomes Koa Nylon (2003)


Gibson Earl Scruggs Standard (1996)


Gibson Earl Scruggs Standard (2006)


Gibson RB-250 (c. 1979)


Gibson RB-250 with Kavanjo (1970s)


Martin Custom Shop 00-14 (2013)


Martin Style 0 Soprano (1920s)


Nechville Custom Walnut Phantom (2015)


OMI Dobro Model 60D (1970s)


Pimentel W-1 Special Concert (2005)


Santa Cruz OM/PW (2016)


Santa Cruz Vintage Artist (2016)


Santa Cruz Vintage Southerner (2016)


Taylor 522ce (2015)


Taylor 716ce (2015)


Turkey Creek #100 (2016)


Collings C10G Custom (2002)


Guild Starfire IV (1967)


Martin Style 5 (c.1927-1930s)


National Style 1 Tricone Hawaiian (1928)


Ome Grand Artist (c.1996)