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Martin Style 1 Soprano Ukulele (c. 1921)


We often joke that it's impossible to play a ukulele without having fun - but that fun is amplified at least tenfold when you're playing this stunning Martin Style 1, from either 1921 or 1922. With an incredibly open and rich sound thanks in no small part to a century of playing time, this little soprano has a bark unlike any other that makes it difficult to put down. Unlike later Style 1s, these early versions have very minimal cosmetic appointments, with no binding and only the smallest of inlays on the fingerboard. That's just to say that the appeal of this little uke is largely due to its sound (as well as the undeniable cool factor involved in owning one of Martin's very first ukuleles).

This instrument is in very good condition considering its vintage, and likely spent at least the first 20 years of its life outside of Colorado in a more forgiving environment for wood instruments. There is a three-inch crack on the instrument's treble side, which has long since been repaired and shows no signs of reopening, and the wear in the finish is very consistent. All parts are original, including the tuning pegs, the nut, and the saddle. At some point over the last hundred years, the ukulele parted ways with its case, and now instead comes with a Kala tweed hard-shell case, which fits it very well.

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*Photos from our inventory, actual grain patterns may vary Slightly. Contact us for details.