Magic Fluke Cricket Violin - Lava Black with pickup with tube case


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Made in: Sheffield Massachusetts U.S.A.
Weight: 15 oz. including rest
Dimensions: Overall length 23”; body 13” x 4”; scale 4/4 (12.75”)
Neck: Solid Maple, Walnut, or Mahogany; hand rubbed urethane oil finish
Top: Solid one-piece Adirondack Red Spruce; nitrocellulose lacquer finish
Fingerboard: Flaxwood polymer/wood composite injection-molded
Body: Glass reinforced injection-molded thermoplastic
Bridge: Precision, custom, laser-cut hard maple
Tailpiece: Laser-cut and thermoformed cast acrylic
Strings: Thomastik Infeld Alphayue synthetic core
Tuners: Grover 2B friction tuners with E string fine tuner or Optional Peghed 4:1 geared fine tuners
Chin/Shoulder Rest: Laser-cut, thermoformed acrylic with 3M Grip Strip high friction pads. Three-way adjustable height and angle settings to accommodate all players
Pickup: Internal “Open to Source” passive sound board transducer and ¼” output jack
Case: Hard-shell poly cylindrical tube case
Bow and Rosin: Optional kit with Anton Breton fiberglass, medium flex, horsehair, bow and D’Addario VR200 light rosin
While it’s probably not a good idea to take an all-wood fiddle to the beach, the Cricket from The Magic Fluke Company offers a great alternative. This is a durable, portable, full scale violin with great acoustic and electric sound. Features a black stained spruce top, black lacquered neck and black stained bridge. Weighing only 15 ounces, this instrument has geared peghead tuners in an open headstock and a passive pickup with standard ¼” output jack. Comes with a very cool tube-shaped carrying case with shoulder strap.