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Kala Brand Ukuleles in many ways has set the standards for what you should look for and expect in features and quality in an affordable line of ukuleles. We have had a relationship with Kala for over six years and we try and have at least 20 different models of their fine ukes on hand at any given time; ranging from $70 to $400. We invite you to come into the store, strum some Kala ukes, and see just how much uke your money can buy.

Shown here is just a small selection of our ukulele offerings. We are the states biggest Kala Brand Ukulele dealer and offer many more ukuleles not shown here. Please give us a call at 303 777 4786 or email us at info@denverfolklore.com for more information.

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Kala KA-BE


Kala Rumbler U-Bass


Kala UBASS-EM-FSRW Exotic Mahogany U-Bass




Kala UBASS-SSMHG-FS Solid Spruce/Mahogany U-Bass