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Resonator and Dobro

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Resonator guitars combine wood and metal to produce a distinct look and sound. Not only is this guitar louder than an acoustic, its unique tone makes it stand out when playing with other musical instruments. For guitar players, the transition to a round-neck resonator, like the Regal RD-40, can be quite smooth, as the feel of the neck is similar, and the tuning is the same as an acoustic guitar. Square-neck resonators, like the Regal RD-52 Black Lightening, are tuned differently and are played horizontally with picks and a steel bar.

Whatever your preference, our selection of resonator guitars by brands like Recording King, Regal and Dobro is sure to please the most discerning player. Got a question? Contact our experts at the DFC for the answer.

The DFC's online inventory changes frequently, so some items on the website might not be in stock. If you would like more information on one of our listings, please call us at 303.777.4786 or email us at

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National Trojan (c. 1937)


Regal RD-40VS Square Neck Dobro