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Sometime in the 1890s Orville Gibson, an instrument builder living in Kalamazoo, Michigan, came along and applied the same carved top and back that are used in violins to the mandolin design. The F variation features the distinctive scroll and two point design that has become the foundation for the modern mandolin.

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Breedlove Crossover FF Black


Breedlove Crossover KF


Breedlove Crossover OF


Collings MF


Collings MF Wide Nut Gloss Top


Collings MF Wide Nut Satin Finish


Eastman MD-415 GD Gold Top


Eastman MD-514


Eastman MD-514 CS Classic Sunburst


Eastman MD-515 Sunburst


Eastman MD-615 Sunburst


Eastman MD-814 Black Varnish Finish


Eastman MD-815-SB


Eastman MD-815v Antique Varnish


Eastman MD-915


Gibson A-2 (1923)


Gibson A-4 (c.1928)


Gibson A-5 "Jethro Burns Model" (c.1962)


Gibson F-4 (c.1909)


Gibson F-4 with Virzi Tone Producer (c.1919)


Eastman MD-315


Eastman MD-515