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The A is a simpler teardrop design and often costs less than that of their F Style counterparts. The A shape Oval Hole mandolin is great for Irish, classical, or old time. The neck feels more fiddle like than that of an modern F-hole mandolin and the mellow sound has much more sustain.

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Atkinson A-2 Point Mandolin


Collings MT Honey Amber


Collings MT Merlot


Collings MT Sunburst


Eastman MD-304


Eastman MD-305


Eastman MD-505 Classic Sunburst


Eastman MD-505cc Comfort Contour


Eastman MD-805


Eastman MDO-305 Octave Mandolin


Kentucky KM-250


Kentucky KM-270


Kentucky KM-505


Kentucky KM-606


Larson made Stahl Reverse Curl Mandolin (c.1930)

$2,699.00 $2,999.00

Pava A5 Satin Blonde


Pava Player Oval Sunburst


Ranger Travel Mandolin w/ Radiused Ebony Fretboard


Ranger Travel Mandolin w/ Radiused Maple Fretboard


Eastman MD-505


Eastman MD-605e


Kentucky KM-500