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Mandolin Family

Mandolins and mandolin players have enjoyed a great surge in popularity since we first opened our doors in 1962. Whether your heroes are Bill Monroe and Bobby Osborne or Chris Thile and Sierra Hull, we have a mandolin that will fit your needs.



Trinity College



Mandolin Family

Used and Vintage Mandolins



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Collings MT Mandolin w/ HSC


Eastman MD-415 BK Black Top


Eastman MD-504


Eastman MD-515 Sunburst


Eastman MD-615


Eastman MDO-305 Octave Mandolin


Gibson F-4 (1921)


Weber Bitterroot F14-F LTD 20th Anniversary Model


Eastman MD-305


Eastman MD-315


Eastman MD-505


Eastman MD-515


Eastman MD-605


Eastman MD-615 Sunburst


Gibson A-2 Mandolin (c.1920)


Gibson A-3 Mandolin (c.1920)


Gibson A-4 Mandolin (c.1918)


Gibson F-5 Bill Monroe Signature Edition (1992)


Lyon and Healy Style A (c.1917)


Trinity College TM-275B Mandola (Used)


Trinity College TM-325 Octave Mandolin


Trinity College TM-375 Bouzouki


Turkey Creek Sam Bush A-Style #88 (2013)


Turkey Creek #93 (2014)


Turkey Creek #97 (2014)


Weber Bitterroot A14-FW Wide Nut


Weber Gallatin A-14F


Weber Gallatin F14-F


Weber Rawhide A-14F