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The modern mandolin is the soprano member of a family of instruments that includes the mandola, octave mandolin, mandocello and mandobass.  The mandolin’s unique sound comes from it’s compact body and the use of four courses or pairs of shorter steel strings producing a loud sound in a higher range.

Popularized by Bill Monroe as a bluegrass instrument, versions of the mandolin are used in Eastern European, Irish, British and Brazilian music, among other forms.

At the Denver Folklore Center we offer you a wide array of the finest mandolins available.  From entry level models from Breedlove and Eastman Mandolins, to the incredibly beautiful professional models we carry from Collings, Weber, and Pava Mandolins, our selection offers all of the options you could want in both F- and A-styles.  And our expert staff can answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect mandolin whether you are a beginner or a professional on tour.

We also have older vintage instruments from Gibson, Lyon & Healy, Turkey Creek, and more.

Collings Mandolins
Montana Lutherie
Trinity College
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Used and Vintage Mandolins

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Atkinson A-2 Point Mandolin


Collings MF Gloss Top


Collings MT Honey Amber


Collings MT Merlot


Collings MT Sunburst


Eastman ER-M El Rey


Eastman MD-304


Eastman MD-305


Eastman MD-415 BK Black Top


Eastman MD-505 Classic Sunburst


Eastman MD-505cc Comfort Contour


Eastman MD-515cc Comfort Contour


Eastman MD-515V-AMB Amber Varnish Finish


Eastman MD-615e Sunburst


Eastman MD-805


Eastman MD-814v Black Varnish Finish


Eastman MD-815v Antique Varnish


Eastman MD-915


Eastman MDO-305 Octave Mandolin


Kentucky KM-250


Kentucky KM-270


Kentucky KM-505


Kentucky KM-606


Larson made Stahl Reverse Curl Mandolin (c.1930)

$2,699.00 $2,999.00

Pava A5 Satin Blonde


Pava Player Oval Sunburst


Pono M-20SB Octave Mandolin


Pono MD-20SB Octave Mandolin


Pono MN-20H Octave Mandolin


Pono MND-20 HC Octave Mandolin


Pono MND-20 HC SB Octave Mandolin


Pono MND-20 Octave Mandolin w/ HSC


Pono MND-20H Octave Mandolin w/ HSC


Ranger Travel Mandolin w/ Radiused Ebony Fretboard


Ranger Travel Mandolin w/ Radiused Maple Fretboard


Eastman MD-315


Eastman MD-505


Eastman MD-515


Eastman MD-605e


Kentucky KM-500


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