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Suzuki Semi-Pro Alto Melodion

This Melodion is the choice of many professionals, known for its exceptional sound and delightful playability. With 37 felt-padded keys for silent action, this bad boy spans a full 3 octaves from F3 to F6. The M37 features phosphor bronze reeds and a perforated chassis for sound that ranges from incredibly full and resonant to quite sensitive and mellow. The instrument is very well intonated and blends quite well with itself, allowing the user to play both chords and melodies with great clarity and balance. It includes a standard style mouthpiece, as well as a trumpet style mouthpiece and longer flexible hose mouthpiece in a super slick faux-leather carrying case with a shoulder strap, so you can always travel in style. The Melodion comes in a sleek matte-black color with some extra classy gold trim.