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The world changed for guitar players with the advent in 1974 of Taylor acoustic guitars. Known for excellent craftmanship and sophisticated technology, the brand is one of the leading names in premium acoustic and acoustic electric guitars.

Taylor is legendary for using an exceptional range of tonewoods to create a wide variety of guitar sizes and body shapes. From the Academy series geared for the learning player to high-end models favored by touring professionals, the Denver Folklore Center offers a wide array of Taylor Acoustic guitars for sale.

Whatever your budget, one of these magnificent instruments will suit your playing needs. We encourage you to play a variety of Taylor Acoustic Guitars to experience the range of sound that they produce. You’ll quickly learn why they have become the love of many professional acoustic guitarists across the world.

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Taylor 110ce Sunburst


Taylor 314 V-Class


Taylor 314ce V-Class


Taylor 317e V-Class


Taylor 322ce 12-Fret


Taylor 362ce 12-Fret


Taylor 414-R Rosewood (2018)

$2,049.00 $2,299.00

Taylor 414ce V-Class


Taylor 512ce


Taylor 517e WHB Wild Honey Burst Builder's Edition


Taylor 614ce Builder's Edition


Taylor 614ce V-Class


Taylor 714ce V-Class


Taylor 812ce 12-Fret V-Class Lutz Spruce Top


Taylor 814ce DLX V-Class


Taylor 814ce V-Class


Taylor Academy 10


Taylor Academy 10e


Taylor Academy 12


Taylor Academy 12-N


Taylor Academy 12e


Taylor Academy 12e-N Nylon


Taylor BT2 Baby Mahogany


Taylor BT2-E Baby Mahogany


Taylor BTe-Koa Baby Taylor


Taylor GS Mini-e Bass


Taylor K24ce V-Class


Taylor T5Z Classic


Taylor T5z Standard Tobacco Sunburst


Taylor GS Mini-e Walnut


Taylor 214ce


Taylor 224ce-K DLX


Taylor 110e


Taylor 114ce


Taylor 114e


Taylor 150e


Taylor 214ce DLX


Taylor 214ce-DLX SB Sunburst


Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor


Taylor GS Mini


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