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Steel String

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Since we opened in 1962 we have specialized in carrying a wide variety of shapes, size, and wood combinations of steel string guitars from some of the most premier guitar manufacturers in the world. Flat-Top Steel String Guitars create the sound that most people have in their heads when they think of what an acoustic guitar sounds like. They create a louder,  fuller sound than their nylon string counterparts. Our inventory covers a myriad of sounds and feels that cater to any style of music.

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Blueridge BR-40e


Blueridge BR-60e


Blueridge BR-63


Breedlove Oregon Concert CE Spruce/Myrtlewood


Breedlove Performance Balance Custom (2005)


Collings 01


Collings C10-35 (2017)

$3,795.00 $4,295.00

Collings D1


Collings OM1A JL Julian Lage Signature - Adirondack Top


Eastman E10OOSS/V


Eastman E2D Cedar


Gibson J-50 ADJ (1964)


Gibson LG-2 (c.1944)


Gold Tone BT-1000 Banjitar


Gold Tone CC-Banjitar


Gold Tone GT-WB Weissenborn


Gold Tone LS-6 6-String Lap Steel


Martin 000-17 Whiskey Sunset


Martin 000-17E Black Smoke


Martin 000-28EC Eric Clapton Signature


Martin D-16e Mahogany


Martin DSS-17 Whiskey Sunset


Regal RD-40VS Square Neck Dobro


Rumley Western 'Strumberg' Archtop (2012)


Taylor 352ce


Taylor 517e Natural Builder's Edition


Taylor 524ce


Taylor T5Z Classic


Vivi Tone Acoustic (c. Early 1930's)


Taylor 150e


Taylor 414ce-R Rosewood


Taylor GS Mini Rosewood


Martin D-35