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Since we opened in 1962 we have specialized in carrying a wide variety of shapes, size, and wood combinations of steel string guitars from some of the most premier guitar manufacturers in the world. Flat-Top Steel String Guitars create the sound that most people have in their heads when they think of what an acoustic guitar sounds like. They create a louder,  fuller sound than their nylon string counterparts. Our inventory covers a myriad of sounds and feels that cater to any style of music.

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Breedlove Oregon Concerto E


Breedlove Pursuit Exotic Concert CE Engleman-Striped Ebony


Breedlove Pursuit Exotic Concert CE Koa-Koa


Collings 003


Collings 02H 12-Fret


Collings C10-35


Collings D1


Collings D2H


Collings OM2H


Collings OM2H Traditional Series


Collings Parlor 1 MH T Traditional Series


Eastman E1OO-LTD Parlor


Eastman E1OOSS-LTD Parlor


Eastman E1P-LTD Parlor


Epiphone Joe Pass (1993)


Gibson J-45 (c.1970)


Gibson L-2 (c.1930's)


Guild D-140 SB


Guild D-240E Flamed Mahogany


Guild D-240E NAT


Guild D-40e


Guild M-140e NAT


Guild M-20 Natural


Guild M-240e NAT


Guild OM-140 SB


Guild OM-140e NAT


Huss & Dalton DS (c.2008)


Kalamazoo KG-11 (c.1933)


Martin 00-17SE Black Smoke


Martin 00-18 (1948)


Martin 000-16GT


Martin 000-17E Black Smoke


Martin 00L-17E Whiskey Sunset


Martin 5-18 (1949)


Martin CEO-8 (2014)


Martin D-15M StreetMaster


Martin D-18E with LR Baggs Anthem


Martin DJR2A Dreadnought Junior Sapele (no electronics)


Martin DRS1


Martin HD-28


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