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Martin Guitars

For well over a century and a half, the Martin Guitar Company has been continuously producing acoustic instruments that are acknowledged to be some of the finest in the world. At the Denver Folklore Center we pride ourselves on our selection and knowledge of new, used, and vintage Martin Guitars. Martin is known for many of their classic models such as the D-18 and D-28 but they have developed many lines of guitars that fill the needs of any player.

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Martin 0-18


Martin 00-17SE Black Smoke


Martin 00-17SE Whiskey Sunset


Martin 000-17E Black Smoke


Martin 000-17E Whiskey Sunset


Martin 00L-17 Black Smoke


Martin 00L-17E Whiskey Sunset


Martin Custom Shop 00-14 (2013)


Martin Custom Shop D-18 Golden Era (2012)


Martin D-28 (2016)


Martin DRS2


Martin DRSG


Martin OMCXAE Black


Martin 00-15M


Martin 00-18V


Martin 000-18


Martin 000-28


Martin 000c Nylon


Martin 000RS1


Martin 00X1AE


Martin BCPA4 Acoustic Bass


Martin D-15M


Martin D-16RGT


Martin D-18


Martin D-18 Ambertone


Martin D-42


Martin DC-15ME


Martin DC-18E


Martin DCPA4


Martin D JR E Dreadnought Junior


Martin DRS1


Martin GPC-18E


Martin GPCPA4


Martin GPCPA4 Rosewood


Martin GPCPA4 Shaded


Martin LX1 Little Martin


Martin LX1E Little Martin


Martin OM-21


Martin OM-28E Retro


Martin OMCPA1 Plus


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