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The Denver Folklore Center and Guild Guitars have a long and intertwining history. We started selling Guilds back in 1964- a few years after opening our shop. Since 1953 the Guild name has been one of the most sought-after in the acoustic guitar world. The original owner of the Denver Folklore Center has played Guild acoustic guitars since the 1960’s, and one of the current owners played one in the 1970’s when it was the instrument everybody wanted. Now offering an impressive blend of innovation and classic styles, and under the management of the legendary Cordoba guitar company, this iconic brand will appeal to anyone with an appreciation for traditional design, great sound and outstanding value.

The selection of Guild acoustic guitars for sale at the Denver Folklore Center includes a wide range of sizes and styles, offering something for many playing styles and experience levels. So browse our selection and find the one that’s right for you!

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Guild D-240E Limited Flamed Mahogany


Guild D-240E NAT


Guild DS-240 Memoir


Guild F-2512e Deluxe


Guild M-140e NAT


Guild M-20 Natural


Guild M-240e Troubadour


Guild OM-120


Guild OM-140ce NAT


Guild OM-140e NAT


Guild OM-240e


Guild D-120


Guild M-120


Guild OM-240ce