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The Breedlove Guitar Company first began manufacturing high quality instruments in beautiful Bend, Oregon in 1990. Since then they have grown to become one of the premier names in the acoustic guitar world. Their vision for "creating the finest acoustic instruments in the world" has led them to blend modern acoustic guitar science and manufacturing techniques with old world hand-made craftsmanship. The result being fantastic acoustic instruments made with new modern shapes, contemporary appearances, and crafted using locally and sustainably sourced tonewoods.

In 2017 the Breedlove Guitar Company further revolutionized the steel string acoustic guitar construction process by implementing a technique called Sound Profiling. Sound Profiling is a system developed for Breedlove and Bedell Guitars designed to eliminate the tonal variations that occur between different instruments of the same make and model. These variances are created by natural variations in wood grain and density. To do this the Breedlove Guitar Company has implemented a process where they use digital tools and algorithms that measure the resonant frequencies when tapping the soundboard and then pair them with the appropriate piece of back wood. The Sound Profiling process has led to the Breedlove Guitar Company constructing some of the most consistent instruments ever produced and we invite you in to give the Breedlove brand a try.