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Since 1962, when the Denver Folklore Center first opened its doors, acoustic guitars have been our bread and butter. Over 55 years later we still carry one of the largest selections of steel string, acoustic electric, resonator, nylon string, used, and vintage guitars in the Rocky Mountain Region. We would be pleased to use our experience to help you find a guitar that is perfect for you and your budget.


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Regal RD-40 B


Regal RD-40 N


Regal RD-40V


Regal RD-52 Black Lightning


Taylor 214ce-K DLX


Taylor 312e 12-Fret


Taylor 314 V-Class


Taylor 314ce V-Class


Taylor 322ce 12-Fret


Taylor 324ce V-Class


Taylor 362ce


Taylor 414-R Rosewood


Taylor 512ce


Taylor 512ce 12-Fret


Taylor 614ce Builder's Edition


Taylor 614ce V-Class


Taylor 814ce DLX V-Class


Taylor 814ce V-Class


Taylor 914ce V-Class


Taylor Academy 12


Taylor Academy 12-N


Taylor Academy 12e


Taylor Academy 12e-N Nylon


Taylor BT2 Baby Mahogany


Taylor K14ce Builders Edition V-Class


Taylor K22ce


Taylor K24ce V-Class


Taylor T5Z Classic


Taylor T5Z Classic Deluxe


Taylor T5z Custom


Waterloo WL-14 LTR Sunburst


Waterloo WL-14 Scissortail


Waterloo WL-K


Taylor 714ce V-Class


Taylor GS Mini-e Walnut


Martin 00-17SE Black Smoke


Martin D-16E


Taylor Academy 10


Taylor Academy 10e


Taylor GS Mini-e Bass


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