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Dulcimers are part of the zither family of stringed instruments. The hammered dulcimer is both a percussion and stringed instrument. Where pure zithers are bowed, the hammered dulcimer is played with two hand-held “hammers” which are used to strike the strings to make sounds. Found in many cultures - Greek, Roman, Southeast Asian, Eastern European and others - it found its way into folk music in the United States in the 20th century. The Mountain or Appalachian Dulcimer is a four-stringed, plucked and strummed instrument. Smaller in size than its hammered cousin but larger than the zither, it is popularly used in old tyme and roots music and forms of this style of dulcimer are also found in other cultures.

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Bonnie Carol Dulcimer #473 Cherry


Bonnie Carol Dulcimer #477 Oregon Myrtle


Master Works 15/14 Pioneer Package Black Top


Master Works 16/15 Pioneer Package Brown Top


Master Works 16/15 Pioneer Package Solid Sapele Top, Cranberry Top


Master Works Pioneer Package Laminate Top Natural


McSpadden 4FH26CS (Cherry & Spruce)


McSpadden 4FHWR (Redwood & Walnut)


MCSpadden 4FHWSY (Sycamore & Walnut)


McSpadden 4SHWR (Redwood & Walnut)


McSpadden 4SHWSY (Sycamore & Walnut)


McSpadden 4FHWS (Spruce & Walnut)