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Kala Black Journeyman Mahogany U-Bass


Big things come in small packages! We are head over heels for the Kala U-Bass, a tiny, travel-sized electric/acoustic bass built by the world's largest ukulele manufacturer. Tuned just like a full-scale bass, the U-Bass sounds like the real deal, especially when plugged in, making it the perfect practice instrument for bassists, or a fun addition to the collection of a musician who (seemingly) has everything. The Journeyman is the nicest ukulele bass we carry, with an absolutely too-cool-for-its-own-good cutaway and double F-hole design to evoke an old-school jazz bass. This model also features a sleek matte black finish for players who want something a little more eye-catching than the mahogany veneer on the standard Journeyman. Finally, this U-Bass comes strung with Kala's own proprietary round-wound strings for ideal string tension and playfeel.

Included in the price is a Kala Deluxe U-Bass gig bag for added protection.

*Photos from our inventory, actual grain patterns may vary Slightly. Contact us for details.