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Ome is a small, dedicated banjo maker that was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1960. The founder and owner of Ome Banjos, Chuck Ogsbury, and the owner of The Denver Folklore Center, Harry Tuft, have a friendship that stretches back more than 50 years. At Ome they combine time-proven features of vintage instruments with modern refinements in technology, design, and manufacturing. They use the finest materials, custom-make their own metal and wood components, and take whatever time is necessary to create wonderful banjos. Most importantly, they maintain a small team of talented and dedicated crafts people who take pride in building the very best.

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Ome Minstrel 12" Walnut


Ome North Star Walnut 11" with vintage Tone Ring


Ome Custom Flora 12"


Ome Eclipse 11


Ome Grand Artist (c.1996)


Ome Northstar 11


Ome Tupelo 12"


Ome Wizard 11