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If you are keen on the banjo, known for its unmistakable sound and musical style adaptability, the Denver Folklore Center is your go-to destination. We offer a broad selection of new, used and vintage banjos from popular companies like Deering, Recording King, Gold Tone, Pisgah and Ome (hand-crafted in Boulder, CO) – both open-back and resonator style, in a wide range of prices. Contact us or visit our store and speak to one of our banjo experts and start strumming today.

The DFC's online inventory changes frequently, so some items on the website might not be in stock. If you would like more information on one of our listings, please call us at 303.777.4786 or email us at

“Great shop with knowledgeable staff. I was looking for a banjo and worked with their expert, Jeff, who was very helpful. I am new to the banjo and didn't feel pressured to buying anything. They have a good rental program where customers can try out an instrument for a small monthly fee to make sure you are really committed to the instrument before making a potentially sizable purchase. I was pleased with the service and banjo. I'm looking forward to coming back at some point to look for a new guitar as well.” – Russ White

Deering Banjos
Gold Tone Banjos
Recording King
Used and Vintage Banjos

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Deering Goodtime Deco


Deering Goodtime Two Special


Gibson MB-2 (c. 1926)


Gold Tone CC-Banjitar


Gold Tone OB-2


Ode 11" Fretless Magician


Ode 11" Magician


Pisgah 11" Laydie


Pisgah 11" Walnut Possum A-Scale


Pisgah 12" Woodchuck


Pisgah Roscoe


Deering Goodtime


Deering Goodtime Two


Gold Tone CC-50RP


Gold Tone OB-250