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The banjo is among the most popular acoustic instruments, treasured for its unique sound and adaptability to a wide range of musical styles. You’ll find it featured prominently in Bluegrass, Old Time, Dixieland, Celtic, Country, and Americana music. Some of today’s hottest pop and rock music performers, including Taylor Swift, Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers, feature the banjo, adding to its diverse uses. The distinctive sound of five strings (sometimes four) plucked or strummed is unmistakable.

We are proud to offer a wide selection of banjos from Deering, Recording King, Gold Tone, and Ome (made by hand in Boulder, Colorado)– both open-back and resonator-style- in a wide range of prices. And we also have a good selection of vintage and used instruments in stock.

If you are in the area, stop by the store and have a hands-on experience with some of the finest banjos available anywhere. Call the store to speak to one of banjo experts. Ours is the largest selection in the region and our expert staff can help match you with the perfect instrument.



Deering Banjos


Gold Tone Banjos

Recording King



Used and Vintage Banjos


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Bishline "Classic" Resonator (2011)


Chuck Lee Custom Maple 11" (c. 2013)


Deering Eagle II Resonator A/E Kavanjo


Deering Goodtime Six


Deering Goodtime Special With Resonator


Deering John Hartford 5 String w/ Pop On Resonator


Deering Vega White Oak 11"


Gold Tone CC-100


Gold Tone CC-OTA


Kevin Enoch Tradesman Fretless Banjo (used)


Ome Minstrel 12" Maple


Ome Minstrel 12" Walnut


Ome North Star Maple 12"


Pisgah 11" A Scale Rambler Dobson Special Walnut


Pisgah 11" Walnut Possum Special


Pisgah 12" Tubaphone Banjo


Recording King RK-OT25-BR


Deering Goodtime Artisan


Deering Goodtime Openback


Deering Goodtime Two


Deering Sierra


Gold Tone BG-150F


Gold Tone CC-50RP


Gold Tone Plucky


Gold Tone WL-250


Ome Eclipse 11"


Ome Tupelo 12"