The Denver Folklore Center invites you to explore the wide selection of acoustic instruments – guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, dulcimers and other folk music models – in person or through our website. For more than 50 years we have been the “go-to” source for fine new and vintage acoustic instruments in Colorado. All of our instruments are personally inspected, evaluated and played by one of our on-site experts before being offered for sale. We carry only the most respected brands in the industry including Collings Guitars, Collings Mandolins, Martin, Taylor, Guild, Weber, Eastman, and Breedlove mandolins and Deering, Ome, Gold Tone and Recording King banjos as well as a variety of used and vintage instruments. We can also special-order a custom instrument for you from most of our builders if you want to create something unique.

Whether you are looking for that first instrument or you dream-of-a-lifetime investment, you will have many choices at The Denver Folklore Center.




Mandolin Family



Resonator and Dobro


Harmonicas and Melodicas


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KoAloha Naupaka Tenor KTNP-00


Larrivee P-01 (2003)


Larson Made Stahl Reverse Curl Mandolin (c.1930)


Lee Oskar Harmonica


Magic Fluke Cricket Violin - Lava Black with pickup with tube case


Martin 000-15M StreetMaster


Martin 000-16GT


Martin 000RSG


Martin C1K


Martin CEO-8 (2014)

$3,995.00 $4,500.00

Martin D JR A Dreadnought Junior


Martin D-15M StreetMaster


Martin D-28

$2,299.00 $2,699.00

Martin D-28 (Reimagined)


Martin DJR Sunburst Dreadnought Junior (no electronics)


Martin DJR2A Dreadnought Junior Sapele (no electronics)


Martin DRS1


Martin HD-28


Martin J-40 (1991)


Martin S1


Martin Style 0 Soprano (1920s)

$595.00 $795.00

Master Works 15/14 Pioneer Package Brown Top


Master Works 15/14 Pioneer Package Solid Sapele Top, Cranberry Top


Master Works 16/15


McSpadden 4FH26CS


McSpadden 4FHCS


Ome Custom Tenor Banjo (2009)


Ome Minstrel 12" Walnut


Ome North Star Maple 12"


Ome North Star Walnut 11" with Vintage Tone Ring


Ome Wizard 11" Walnut


Pava A5 Gloss Sunburst


Pava A5 Satin Amber


Pava A5 Satin Sunburst


Pava Player Oval Sunburst


Pisgah 11" Walnut Possum Special


Pisgah 12" Custom Curly Maple Tubaphone Banjo


Pisgah 12" Possum Walnut


Pisgah 12" Rambler Dobson Special Walnut


Pisgah 12" Wonder


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