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The Denver Folklore Center has been providing instruments to acoustic musicians since 1962, making us the go-to independent musical instrument store for first time pickers and experienced players.  Each instrument from our expansive selection is chosen with the buyer's playing style in mind and is inspected and evaluated by our on-site experts before we put it on the shelf.

“Attention all twangers of git: these guys are fantastic. You will find an unparalleled selection of top-notch acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments, to be sure...but let's not overlook the excellent repair department, staffed with knowledgeable and highly proficient individuals who will expertly diagnose any issues and bring your favorite instrument back up to snuff with a laser-like focus. Courteous and professional staff. If I had three thumbs they would all be way up; where things stand now I will raise my meager two to the sky in salutation of the good works being done here.” – Jason G.

More than just a guitar store, the DFC is here to serve you. Choose from a wide array of instruments from the finest brands or work with our staff to create a custom one-of-a-kind instrument to suit your specific musical needs. Our brands include Collings, Martin, Taylor, Guild, Bourgeois, Eastman, Breedlove, Deering, Ome, PISGAH, Gold Tone and Recording King.

The DFC's online inventory changes frequently, so some items on the website might not be in stock. If you would like more information on one of our listings, please call us at 303.777.4786 or email us at

Harmonicas and Melodicas
Mandolin Family
Resonator and Dobro

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Larrivée L-03R


Larrivée SD-40


Lee Oskar Harmonica


Martin 0-28 (1922)


Martin 00-18


Martin 000-17 Whiskey Sunset


Martin 000-28EC Eric Clapton Signature


Martin 000-28VS (2002)


Martin 000-X2E


Martin Custom Shop D-18 (2017)


Martin D-35 50th Anniversary (2015)


Martin OM-28


Martin S1


Martin SC-13E


Martin Style 1 Soprano Ukulele (c. 1921)


Northfield NFM-A5


Ode 11" Fretless Magician


Ode 11" Magician


Ode 12" Magician


Pisgah 11" A-Scale Cherry Possum


Pisgah 11" Tubaphone


Pisgah 11" Wonder


Pisgah 12" Woodchuck


Regal RD-40V


Regal RD-40VS Square Neck Dobro


Rickard Cherry Little Wonder 12"


Rickard Custom 11"


Rickard Maple Dobson 11"


Rickard Maple Ridge 12"


Suzuki Manji Harmonica


Suzuki Pro Master Harmonica


Taylor 214ce Plus


Taylor 314ce


Taylor 412ce-R Tobacco Sunburst


Taylor 512ce


Taylor 614ce Builder's Edition


Taylor 722ce


Taylor 814ce


Taylor Academy 12e-N


Taylor AD12e-SB


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