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Acoustic Guitar and Instrument Repair & Rentals

Instrument Repairs

Musical Instrument Repair

The Denver Folklore Center has a full-service shop for all your musical instrument repair needs. We service acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles and basses as well as more exotic instruments like dulcimers, autoharps and bouzoukis. We work with you to solve any problems your musical instruments are experiencing. Often small adjustments that we can make in the showroom resolve common problems like string buzz at minimal cost. We’ve also found that many common instrument problems in Colorado can be traced to humidification issues. Learn more about the challenges of humidity in our area and what you can do to protect your instrument from our blog here.

"Came here to get my guitar repaired. I've only been playing for a few months, so I wasn't sure exactly what work needed to be done. They did a great job explaining to me how they would fix it and didn't act condescending or try to take advantage of me as a newbie. The guitar came back in a timely manner and it works great! All the employees I talked to were super nice and helpful. Will definitely be back for any future guitar needs.” – Lauren B
When more complex and delicate repairs are needed we turn to John Rumley who has been the head of our instrument repair shop for over 20 years. He brings expertise and experience as a luthier to every customer interaction. In addition to being an asset to the Denver Folklore Center’s customers, John is a skilled performer and an accomplished builder of guitars.

Here is a list of the most common repairs we perform with estimated prices. John will provide you with a specific quote once he has seen the instrument and determined what needs to be done. All of his work is guaranteed.

* Setup $120
* Bridge Re-glue $100
* Basic Pickup Installation $100
* Mandolin Pickup Installation $120
* Banjo Railroad Spikes $30/each
* Strap Button Installation $20
* New Nut $75
* New Saddle $65
* 5th String Banjo Tuner Re-install $50
* Crack Repairs (depending on size) $100-140
* Re-fret (depending on instrument) $300 and up
* Neck Re-set (depending on a lot) $300 and up

Want to know more about common acoustic guitar and stringed instrument issues and repairs? Check out this blog post on the subject.

Musical Instrument Rental

Try One
 Before You Buy One 

Are you thinking about taking up an instrument? Selecting and purchasing a new musical instrument can be a daunting process for the novice musician. But not at the DFC! We make it easy for you to try out a musical instrument before you buy it with our simple rental program. 

The rental option gives you the time and freedom to learn the instrument and decide if it’s right for you before you spend your hard-earned dollars. Our rental program applies to acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins, dulcimers and violins. And while renting, you accumulate credit towards the purchase of an instrument.

Traveling in the Denver Metro area and need a short-term rental?
We can provide several options to help you out. Contact us for assistance.


“I had a fantastic experience here. They have a great selection of instruments in every price range, and they also have an amazing rental program.  You can rent an instrument, and the rental cost goes towards a store credit that you can use to purchase the instrument later if you decide you like it. It's been a great way for me to try out the dobro before I invest in one. The customer service was fantastic, the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks, Saul for a great instrument shopping experience!” – Monica C.


How It Works

The DFC’s rental program is month-to-month and costs $50/month (which includes a small maintenance fee to cover string changes or minor adjustments, as well as sales tax).

$30 of each month's rental fee can accumulate for up to five months as credit towards the purchase of the type of instrument you are renting (a max of $150 credit)

Call, email or drop by our store any time to speak with one of our expert staff about renting an instrument. We are happy to fit you with the perfect instrument to rent and answer any questions you might have.