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Acoustic Guitar and Instrument Repair

Instrument Repairs

The Denver Folklore Center has always maintained a full service repair shop for stringed instruments. We work on acoustic guitars (and electric), banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, basses, and more eclectic instruments like dulcimers. We think it is a very important part of our business to be able to provide our customers with a reliable and informed opinion on solutions to problems they might be experiencing with their instruments. Another asset of having a repair shop is that we can keep all of our store instruments (new and used) in excellent playing condition.

For the past twenty years our repair shop has been run by John Rumley. John is not only a highly qualified repairman but he also is a builder of fine guitars. He is always happy to give you a firm estimate on any repairs your instrument needs. He will explain what he thinks the problem is and what his solution will entail. For instrument repairmen there is no substitute for experience and that’s why, with over two decades experience handling all our repair needs, we feel that John is such an asset to The Denver Folklore Center and the music community.

Some of the typical repairs that we handle in our repair shop include:

  • Neck sets
  • Cracks of all sizes: Unfortunately, in our dry climate cracks are almost a rite of passage with many stringed instruments.
  • Set-ups – includes truss rod, nut and saddle adjustment, intonation, high frets and more
  • Pick-up install: We sell and install a large array of pick-ups for guitars, ukes, mandos and many more instruments
  • Bridge re-glue or replacement
  • Nut and saddle replacement
  • Fret dress and re-crown (includes set-up)
  • Re-fret
Find more information about common acoustic guitar and stringed instrument repairs and how to take care of your instruments on our blog.