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How Electronics Enhance Instrument Sound

Sure, playing a guitar or other musical instrument is a lot of fun , but if you’re a musician looking to enhance your sound, first make sure your instrument and pickup are up to par, then consider adding electronics like amplifiers, preamps and DI boxes.

Fishman Loudbox

An amplifier or “amp” at its most basic is an electronic device that receives the sound of your instrument, processes that signal and amplifies it into a louder more intense sound as it exits. If you’re a musician playing in a noisy venue or with other musicians, try an amp.


A preamp on the other hand processes the incoming sound, shapes the sound tone and boosts it to the standard or “line” level so it is audible enough for an amplifier to do its job. An instrument’s distortion also takes place in the preamp. So, if your instrument sound needs a little help, a preamp could be just the thing for you.

We offer two lines of amplifiers: the Fishman Loudbox and AER. Fishman Loudbox amps are world renowned for their warm tone and accuracy and are a favorite among acoustic musicians. And AER amplifiers are in a class all their own. These extraordinary amps are crafted in Germany and designed to fill the needs of the most discriminating acoustic player. LR Baggs DI Box

DI Boxes

A direct input (DI) box provides additional power and tonal control, giving you the ability to manage how your instrument sounds, whether you are playing through your own amp or a PA system. It defends the instrument’s sound from outside noise, which allows the signal to remain strong and work with other systems – like in a recording studio or a live concert.

See our selection of DI boxes from L.R. Baggs HERE.

How We Can Help

If you have questions or would like help choosing electronics for your personal style or needs, stop by or contact our expert staff at the Denver Folklore Center today.