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Quick Tip: Setups Make A Huge Difference

Before we put an instrument out in our showroom we carefully inspect it for any flaws and we check to make sure that it has been “set up” to play comfortably and correctly. The most important factor in playability is the distance between the strings and the fretboard. Set them too close to each other and buzzing may occur. Too far apart and pressing down the strings becomes more challenging.

Over time instruments will “settle in” and that perfect setup is no longer as perfect. Buzzing is the most common symptom that an instrument may be ready to be set up again. Fret wear is another visible sign that its time for some loving attention by a qualified instrument technician. You may also have a sense that “it’s just not playing as comfortably as when I first bought it.”

As part of any good setup the technician will adjust the curvature of the neck, “dress” (file down and round off) some of the frets, inspect the nut and saddle to make sure they are perfect, check the electronics and any moving parts of the instrument to be sure they are sound and then clean and restring.

You will be amazed at how well your instrument plays after a proper setup.