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2 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Setup

Whether you’re a beginning picker with a thrift store guitar or a seasoned musician, having your instrument professionally setup can make all the difference in the way your instrument sounds and plays. Here are just a few reasons to schedule a setup for your musical instrument.

Reasons to Have a Professional Setup for Your Musical Instrument

The instrument will have better sound quality

When you first buy your instrument, its tone and sound will be strong and consistent. Over time an instrument settles in and that perfect setup is no longer as perfect. It may begin to sound off and experience buzzing, or worst-case scenario, become unplayable. These are all common symptoms that a setup is necessary to return your instrument to its stellar playing condition.

It will be easier to play

If you are new to playing, having a professional setup for your instrument will make it easier to learn to play. Having an impeccable setup at the start will help you understand how your instrument is supposed to sound and feel. Over time you may notice your instrument just isn’t as comfortable to play as when you first purchased it. Fret wear, for example, is a visible sign it’s time to show your instrument some love and have a setup performed.

The DFC Difference 

Before we put an instrument out in our showroom, we carefully inspect the piece for flaws and check for proper setup. Our specialists test each instrument for playability between the strings and fretboard. Why? If they are set too close to one another buzzing may occur. If they are set too far part, pressing down on the strings becomes more challenging.

As part of our setup our technicians adjust the curvature of the neck, file down and round off or “dress” some of the frets, inspect the nut and saddle to make sure they are flawless, check the electronics and any moving parts of the instrument for soundness, then thoroughly clean and restring.  

Experience the DFC difference and allow us to perform a professional setup for your instrument. Contact us at 303.777.4786 or email us at