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The Case for Cases

For many years what passed as a “case” for a guitar, mandolin or other stringed instrument was nothing more than a chip-board box. These provided little to no protection against physical damage and were not reliable for insulating against the dry climate we have here in Colorado (and many other places) or excessive heat.

Fortunately today we have lots of better choices of cases for protecting our acoustic instruments.

For ease of transportation nothing beats a padded gig bag. Lightweight and usually with pockets for storage, gig bags provide basic protection against damage and with backpack straps make carrying an instrument (along with other items) a lot easier.

Space exploration yielded lots of innovations including Tang breakfast drinks, memory foam and ear thermometers. It also produced the technology that led to hard foam cases – an upgrade from the gig bag with a firm frame, soft lining and fabric cover. These provide more protection for instruments than a gig bag but in a light product that is easily transported.

A step up would be “hard shell cases.” Made from wood, plastic or carbon fiber products, these cases do a better job of protecting the instrument and insulating against environmental factors.

At the top of the instrument case food chain are “flight cases.” These are specially hardened cases designed to withstand the rigors of travel by professional musicians and the handling by airline companies. They are typically heavy and expensive but offer the best protection on the market.

Our staff can help you choose the right case from our large selection of options.