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Quick Tip: When to Change Strings

A fairly common question in our store is “when should I change the strings on my guitar/banjo/mandolin/ukulele?” The answer depends on several factors. First, how often is the instrument being played? If once a week for half an hour, then strings could last many months. Playing every day or performing with the instrument every weekend will likely mean replacing strings much more often. More advanced players tend to go through strings more quickly than beginners. These days many steel string manufacturers offer a coated version of their strings which generally last longer than the uncoated ones. Another factor that affects your strings is the oil content of your skin. More oil generally means a shorter string life. Wiping your strings with a clean cloth after playing may help them last longer. If your strings are starting to sound dull, especially the wound ones on the bass side of the instrument, that’s a sign that new strings are probably in order. Some strings will become darker and may even show some rust which would also be a signal to change them out. We carry a wide range of strings and can help you find the right replacement set when you are ready.