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She Came From Salt Lake City

Why would someone drive seven and a half hours from Salt Lake City to Denver to buy a banjo? Why would a family from Wheatland, Wyoming come to Denver to buy an acoustic guitar for their son? If there isn’t an acoustic instrument store nearby, these days it would have been easier to go online, order the instrument and have it shipped directly to Salt Lake or Wheatland.

The woman in Utah wanted an Ome Banjo. She also wanted the experience of playing all of the Ome Banjos we have in stock at the Denver Folklore Center before making her choice. Apparently Salt Lake City doesn’t have a store with this kind of selection of these hard-to-find instruments. She could have ordered one from our website, but wanted to hear the individual voice of each of these beauties.

We also carry Deering and Gold Tone along with Ome and we recently added Pisgah Banjos to our inventory. Our Salt Lake customer knew she wanted an Ome and we completely understood why. Hand-made in Boulder, Colorado these are among the best open-back banjos around. Chuck Ogsbury and his team select the finest woods and then craft an instrument of great beauty and with a terrific sound. These are banjos for a lifetime.

The family from Wyoming was returning from vacation and flew through Denver. Their one and only stop in Denver before heading home was our store. It was wonderful watching father and son explore guitars for several hours – taking a break only for a quick lunch. By late afternoon they were on their way home with a Taylor 110e acoustic guitar.

These stories are quite commonplace at the Folklore Center. In addition to our loyal Denver-area customer base, we have always had customers from around the country and even around the world. In the last few months we’ve had in-store visits with folks from England, New Zealand and Ecuador along with players from LA, Chicago, New Orleans, Minneapolis and Taos.

The internet is now helping us reach out way beyond the borders of Colorado. Customers from all over order instruments from us directly through our website or over the phone primarily when they cannot physically get to the store. Our generous return policy also helps make that possible.

Customers buying long distance from us get the same knowledgeable customer service over the phone as in person. They can be certain that the instruments we sell have all been checked out carefully and played by our staff before we even make them available for sale. We keep our store humidity at 45-50 percent which is absolutely necessary to keep the wood in instruments healthy. When we ship an instrument it is expertly packed and properly insured.

So whether you want to drive 500 miles or just call us you can be certain that the banjo, mandolin or acoustic guitar you buy from the Denver Folklore Center will be a great investment.

Even so, there is nothing quite like walking into our store for the first time, sniffing the gorgeous aroma of the fine tonewoods and being amazed at the variety of instruments to try out. On any given day you will find close to 200 guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and banjos available to try. Better yet, our staff will encourage you to pick up and play as many instruments as you like. When you have questions, we’ll be ready to provide answers and help you find your next dream instrument.

Saul Rosenthal, Co-Owner