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The DFC Staff Picks



DFC Staff Picks

We often get asked what or favorite instrument in the shop is. One occupational hazard of working in a guitar store is that you find yourself bonding with certain instruments, so we always have an answer. This month we've decided to share a selection of instruments that have been catching our fancy. Without further ado... the Denver Folklore Center Staff Picks.

Taylor 322e 12-Fret Guitar

Taylor 322e 12-Fret Guitar



When asked why this was his staff pick Saul responded with " Its comfortable short scale with rear shifted 12 fret bridge. It's a friendly feel with rich tone from the Mahogany top and Tasmanian Blackwood sides and back."

KoAloha KTM-00 Ukulele

Ko'Aloha KTM-00 Tenor Ukulele



"The delicately striated wood with gleaming translucent finish paired with the lush and sweet sound transports a player to the endless sandy beaches of Hawaii."

Santa Cruz Vintage Artist Guitar

Santa Cruz Vintage Artist Guitar



"That Santa Cruz Vintage Artist- that's a really nice guitar." Created for Doc Watson and good enough for the manager of the DFC. The Vintage Artist is astonishingly light with a wonderfully rich tone.

Martin 000-17e Black Smoke Guitar

Martin 000-17e Black Smoke Guitar



"This guitar has it goin' on. It looks great, feels great, and has a very clear and balanced voice. This is one of those guitars that I have trouble putting down."

Gibson Hummingbird True Vintage Guitar

Gibson Hummingbird Guitar (2011)



"Here's a guitar that almost writes its own songs. This Gibson Hummingbird radiates a lush and even tone that you can feel resonate in your body when you strum it and its iconic design sets it apart from all of the other guitars in the song circle! I've been eyeing it ever since it walked into our store... and who could blame me?!"

Collings MT Honey Amber Mandolin

Collings MT Honey Amber Mandolin



"I like it. A lot. The beautiful Honey Amber finish highlights the highly figured grain of the one piece maple back while the tortoiseshell top binding accentuates the wide grain of the hand carved Engelmann spruce soundboard. And the tone... don't even get me started on that tone."

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