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How To Buy the Right Instrument

Here at the Denver Folklore Center we think that buying an instrument—a acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin or ukulele—should be a fun, relaxing experience. This experience though, can be very different depending on the customer. Let’s face it, not all people shop for something in the same way. We have a small, friendly, well trained staff that has years of experience in helping all kinds of customers find the right instrument for them.

Our Knowledgeable Staff

We have been working with folks for decades so you, the customer, can rest assured that we are not going to push you into some instrument that we don’t think is right for you just so we can make a sale. That has never made sense for a small, local business like ours. It seems to work because, believe it or not, for some families we’re on our 3rd generation of instrument buyer!

Beginners Can Feel Confident

If you’re new to music we would love to help you make an informed decision when it comes time to buy an instrument. Beginners can feel confident when they come in our store that we will show them reasonable options (including renting an instrument for a month or two) and answer any questions they may have in terms that make sense to them. Very often we have answers to questions that they have not even thought of. In more recent years, we have customers who have been doing their research online but need someone like us to help them make sense of some of the conflicting comments they have been reading.

Take It for A Spin

We encourage people to come in and strum a few instruments to start getting an idea of the differences from one to the next; whether it be the feel, the sound, the playability, or the looks. We’re happy to play on them for you if you would rather just concentrate on listening to the different sounds each instrument has to offer.

This Is Fun, Right?

We also try to encourage our customers to keep it fun! We see quite a few people who tend to agonize over their instrument decisions. We try to help these folks keep a good balance between “facts” and listening to your ears, eyes, fingers and heart when you play the various instruments. Remember, you’re not not shopping for a house or insurance, your shopping for a little wooden friend. Keep it fun!