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The Rise of the Ukulele

There’s a whole lot of uke-in’ going on! Look around and you’ll notice that ukuleles are everywhere. From YouTube to movies to TV to popular artists (like Eddie Vedder and Paul McCartney) to high school lunchrooms, ukes have become the hottest instrument since the guitar. Here are just a few reasons this humble little instrument is here to stay.

Ukuleles are easy to learn

There is no other STRINGED instrument that’s so easy to pick up and play ESPECIALLY by first time musicians. Since there are only four strings, compared to 88 keys on a piano or 21 frets on a guitar, kids and adults, who never thought they’d play a musical instrument, find ukuleles simple to play.

Learning a song on the uke can be a DIY experience. Pick up a song book or watch one of the thousands of how-to videos on YouTube - search “beginning ukulele” and you will be amazed at the number of options you have. If you’d like to take ukulele lessons, there are many instructors who specialize in the little instrument.

Ukes are fun and affordable

The fun factor is just one reason ukes are so loved. People are just drawn to the little guy for its laid-back, cool look and tropical sound. The ukulele is easy to travel with and is welcome at jam sessions. They are also very affordable, starting at about $70 with lots of choices under $300.

Contact Your Go-To Ukulele Specialists

The Denver Folklore Center would love to help you with your uke questions. Whether you are shopping for your first ukulele or looking for a rare collector instrument, we welcome you into the store to strum a few. We have a large selection of new, used and vintage ukes in a price range to fit your budget. Feel free to contact us at and 303.777.4786 to see if we have that special instrument you’re looking for. Aloha!