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Recommended Acoustic Guitar and Instrument Lessons


Whether you are a complete beginner looking to take up your first instrument or an accomplished musician looking to “up your game” we are confident that one of our recommended lesson locations can help you. Please feel free to call us at the store and discuss your instructional needs. We would love to help you connect with the teacher that’s right for you.

Swallow Hill Music School

The highly regarded, award winning folk music school, Swallow Hill Music Association, was an outgrowth from our store over 40 years ago. Started by our founder Harry Tuft, the organization brings people together through its school, outreach programming and concerts, and is a home for individuals and families who want to learn about, listen to and perform music. Swallow Hill offers group and private lessons in three locations around the Denver Metro Area. For more information visit their website at

Independent Teachers We Recommend

These teachers are very experienced and highly regarded in the music community and we refer to them regularly.

Mark Caldwell

Mark is a very accomplished multi-instrumentalist who is a very pleasant and patient teacher on guitar, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele.
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Barry Albright

Barry’s teaching experience stretches back to the early days of The Denver Folklore Center. He is another one of our “go to” teachers if you are looking for instruction on guitar, banjo, or ukulele.
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Tina Gugeler

Tina Gugeler is one of the best known performers and teachers of hammered dulcimer in the Rocky Mountain Region. She has won numerous competitions on her instrument and is one of the leading figures in the region’s contra dance scene.
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Deb Carstensen

Specializing in Celtic music, Deb Carstensen is known throughout Colorado’s Front Range for her passionate, fiery fiddling. Deb teaches basic fiddle as well as Celtic and traditional American Old Timey styles.
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