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Buying an Instrument-
What You Need to Know

We have always felt that buying an instrument should be a fun, uplifting, and memorable experience. We are aware that people like to shop in many different ways and we are here to facilitate your specific needs. From wanting detailed information on all your options to just being left alone to look at and play the instruments we are very eager to help you have a good shopping experience in our store.

Looking for a specific model from one of our many instrument lines? Ask us about getting one in on special order.
Acoustic Guitars

Since 1962, when the Denver Folklore Center first opened its doors, acoustic guitars have been our bread and butter. We would be pleased to use our experience to help you find a guitar that is perfect for you and your budget.

Martin Guitars
Taylor Guitars
Santa Cruz Guitars
Guild Guitars
Breedlove Guitars
Cordoba Guitars
Blueridge Guitars
Regal Resonator Guitars


Very early on in this latest ukulele craze we realized that the mighty little uke was here to stay… it has a storied history, a great sound and a bright future. From the very affordable to the very collectible, we have, by far, the largest selection of ukuleles along the Front Range.

Kala Ukuleles
Kamaka Ukuleles
Martin Ukuleles
Flukes & Fleas Ukuleles
Kanile’a Ukuleles
KoAloha Ukuleles
Cordoba Ukuleles
Eastman Ukuleles


For years the Denver Folklore Center has had one of the best selections of banjos in the Rocky Mountain region. We carry some of the best known and respected brands in the business as well as quality used and vintage openback and resonator banjos.

Deering Banjos
Gold Tone Banjos
Ome Banjos
Recording King Banjos

Mandos & More

Mandolins and mandolin players have enjoyed a great surge in popularity since we first opened our doors in 1962. Whether your heroes are Bill Monroe and Bobby Osborne or Chris Thile and Sierra Hull, we have a mandolin that will fit your needs.

Weber Mandolins
Kentucky Mandolins
Eastman Mandolins
The Loar Mandolins

Other Instruments

McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers
Masterworks Hammered Dulcimers
Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimers
Oscar Schmidt Autoharps


Want to dip your toes in the water before you take the plunge on buying a new instrument? We offer an instrument rental program to get you up and running on your new endeavor. Entry level guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, dulcimers and violins are available for month to month rentals as you accumulate credit towards the purchase of an instrument.

Our instrument rental program»

Used and Vintage

Vintage stringed instruments have always been a passion here at The Denver Folklore Center and on any given day we never know what might walk through our front door.

Used and Vintage Instruments for Sale»