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Holiday Gift Guide 

Gift ideas for the musicians in your life

The holidays are approaching and it is never too early to start looking for gift ideas. The Denver Folklore Center has been serving the needs of acoustic musicians since 1962 and have curated a stock of fun, useful and thoughtful items to meet the needs of musicians at all levels. 

Aside from having Denver's best selection of acoustic instruments, we also provide a huge selection of strings, books, picks, pickups, preamps, amplifiers, capos, tuners, straps, stands, cables, etcetera! 

Help them stay in tune with a Snark Tuner, the electronic instrument tuner preferred by the staff at the Denver Folklore center ( just $19.95).

Our very dry winter months are not friendly to the wood in guitars, ukuleles and mandolins. The Oasis Humidifier ($21.95) and the Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control Kit ($29.95) are two simple, reliable tools for keeping your precious instruments humidified.

We have capos from Kyser, Elliott, Shubb and Paige ranging in price from $25 to $175. Dress up a guitar, banjo or ukulele with a new strap. We have them priced from $25-$100.
Wegen Picks ($15 for packs of 2 or 3), Blue Chip Picks ($40), Cooper Instrument Stands ($30-$50) and Rock Slides (about $30) make for unique gifts. 
Our library of music books includes hundreds of options for guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, dulcimer, recorder and many more instruments (most are $10-30). 
And we carry strings from Martin, GHS, D’Addario, John Pearse and many others ($8-$25).
Our knowledgeable staff will have many other creative suggestions. Come by and see our large selection today.