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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Denver Folklore Center's return policy?

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your instrument* purchase, you may return it in the same condition received from us no more than 48 hours after purchasing for a full store credit or for a full refund less a 5% restocking fee. If the instrument was purchased as a gift, the recipient has seven days from the time he/she receives it to make an exchange or return it.
If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your instrument purchase, you can ship the instrument* back to us no more than five days after receiving it in the same condition and packaging for a full store credit (less our cost of shipping) or for a full refund (less our cost of shipping and a 5% restocking fee).  The customer is responsible for the return shipping cost. For a return, please notify us within 48 hours of receiving your shipment at 303-777-4786 or by email  ( and we will provide instructions for repacking and shipping. Once we receive the return, our staff will contact you and issue a refund. See more on our returns page here.

*Harmonicas, melodicas and all other wind instruments, along with consignment instruments the
customer has played in the store cannot be returned.


Does the Denver Folklore Center rent instruments?

Yes, we do! We make it easy for you to experience playing a musical instrument before you buy one with our simple rental program. The rental option gives you time with the instrument and decide if it is right for you before you spend your hard-earned dollars on a purchase.

Our rental program includes acoustic guitarsbanjosmandolins, hammered dulcimers and violins. And while renting, you accumulate credit towards the purchase of an instrument. For details check out our rental page here. 

Does the DFC offer music lessons?

Whether you are a beginner looking to strum your first musical instrument or an experienced musician ready to take your skills to the next level, the Denver Folklore Center can connect you with an instructor to fit your musical level and style. Check out our list of recommended teachers here.


Does the DFC do repair services?

Absolutely! The Denver Folklore Center has a full-service shop for all your musical instrument repair needs. We service acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles and basses, as well as more exotic instruments like dulcimers, autoharps and bouzoukis. We work with you to solve any problems your instruments are experiencing. Often small adjustments that we can make in the showroom resolve common issues like string buzz at minimal cost.

When more complex and delicate repairs are needed, we turn to John Rumley who has been the head of our instrument repair shop for over 20 years. He brings expertise and experience as a luthier to every customer interaction. In addition to being an asset to the Denver Folklore Center’s customers, John is a skilled performer and an accomplished builder of guitars. For more details, including a list of common repairs and prices, see our repairs page here.


Do we sell electric guitars?

While a number of our guitars are acoustic-electric, meaning there is a pickup on board, we do not carry solid-body electric guitars.


Does the DFC do special orders?

We are happy to help you with a special order from any of our current vendors.  Please contact one of our instrument specialists in the store to discuss what you would like us to help you order.


Does the Denver Folklore Center sell used instruments?

We periodically have used vintage and higher-end instruments for consignment sale in the store.  If you are looking for a more affordable used instrument our rental instruments are always available for purchase.


Does the DFC do trade-ins?  

We do not take trade-ins, but we are happy to discuss the possibility of representing your instrument through our consignment program.   


How often do I need to change the strings of my instrument?

How frequently you need to change strings depends on how much and how often you are playing and which instrument. The more you play, the sooner you might want new strings. Steel string instruments will need changes much more frequently than nylon-stringed ones. Also, some of us have more oils in our skin and that can speed up the need to change strings. If your instrument no longer sounds as bright as it did when you last changed strings it may be time for a new set. Check out our post on when to change your strings here


How do I travel with my instrument? Do I need a case?

Since 2014 the Federal Aviation Administration rules require that airlines allow passengers to treat a musical instrument in a case as one of your carry-ons so long as it fits in the overhead bins or other on-board storage areas, subject to available space. Most acoustic stringed instrument gig bags and cases (not including cellos and double basses) will fit overhead, except on commuter flights or where other smaller planes are involved. Checking with the airline to confirm their policy and arriving early to capture overhead space are both good practices. Check out our blog posts on traveling with your instrument and cases/gig bags.


Does the Denver Folklore Center set up my new instrument?

Before we put an instrument out in our showroom, we carefully inspect it for any flaws and check to make sure it has been “set up” to play comfortably and correctly. Any issues with setup we discover are remedied by one of our instrument specialists or our luthier before the instrument is made available for purchase. Check out our blog post about the importance of a quality set up here.