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Custom Creations



Build The Instrument Of Your Dreams

Whether it is a custom guitar from MartinCollings, or Taylor, a customized banjo from the Deering Banjo Company, a ukulele from Kamaka, or a custom mandolin from Pava, we can help turn the instrument of your dreams into a reality.

Each manufacturer offers numerous customization options which can range from specialized tonewoods for a unique tone, customized finish colors, uniquely designed inlays, and beyond. 

Creating a custom design offers the unique opportunity to build a bit of your own personality into the instrument. Here are just a few special models we have helped our customers design.

Martin 2K Custom Blue Ukulele Image

Martin 2K Custom Blue Ukulele

Custom instruments can be elegant.

This Custom Martin 2K Concert ukulele was made of solid koa wood with a deep glossy blue finish and intricate tree of life inlay up the fretboard and extending onto the headstock.
Santa Cruz OM Grand

Santa Cruz OM Grand "DFC 50th Anniversary Edition" Guitar

Customization can be subtle.

For our 50th Anniversary DFC founder Harry Tuft and Santa Cruz Guitar Company founder Richard Hoover designed this Santa Cruz OM Grand with special "est. 1962, Denver Folklore Center 50th Anniversary" fretboard inlay.
Deering John Hartford Custom

Deering John Hartford Custom "Moose" Banjo

Custom Shop instruments can be fun.

A customer with a fun personality and a love of everything moose had us help design this custom inlaid Deering John Hartford 5 String Banjo.

Custom Collings OM1ATSB Traditional Guitar

Bruce with the custom Collings OM1ATSB Traditional

Bruce VanWart, Collings Guitars Director of Lutherie, holding the body of a custom-ordered Collings OM1ATSB nearing its completion.

Want a unique instrument to suit your specific musical needs? Contact us or visit the Denver Folklore Center today and speak with one of our expert staff members. We’d love to work with you to create a one-of-a-kind instrument all your own.