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Appraisals & Consignment Services


Used and Vintage Guitar and Instrument Consignment

Musical Instrument Appraisals

Let the Denver Folklore Center make selling your instrument quick and easy! With nearly six decades of musical instrument 
experience, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with an accurate appraisal.

In Person Appraisals

Our preferred method for appraising is in person. Bring your musical instrument into our store and one of our appraisal experts will evaluate and research it to get you the best estimate of value possible. Then within seven days of receiving your instrument we will provide you with a written appraisal. Our fee is $100 payable at the time we deliver your documents.

Email Appraisals

For those not able to bring your musical instrument to our Denver location, we offer a photograph-based email appraisal. We require at least 10 high-resolution photos, including a photo of the inside label or other evidence of the instrument’s serial number and date of manufacture. The photographs must also show all flaws, including cracks, scratches, missing components and unusual wear and tear of the musical instrument.

Based on the photos and our research, we will provide our best estimate of the instrument’s value along with a written disclaimer that we were unable to see the instrument in person. This appraisal would be delivered to you within seven days and costs $75 (payment is required at the time photos are submitted to the DFC).

For more information or to begin the appraisal process, please stop by our store or contact our instrument specialists at 303.777.4786 or email us at


Sell your high-quality used and vintage musical instruments for the best possible price without any hassle. You make money, while we do all the work!

The DFC aggressively markets consigned musical instruments for sale, not only in our store, but also on our website, social media and with reputable online partners. Your musical instrument will stand out on its own web page, complete with professional photos and attention-grabbing copy, to attract buyers.

We offer competitive consignment rates. For musical instruments listed for sale at $2,999 or less, our commission is 25%. For sales prices $3,000 or more, our commission is 20%. Our commission, plus the cost of repairs necessary to prepare the instrument for sale, will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale. (Extensive repairs may require pre-payment).

Consign with us today! Email us at, stop by the store or call us at 303.777.4786 and speak to one of our consignment experts.