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Barry Albright–Teacher

Barry Albright Guitar Teacher

Barry’s teaching experience in the Denver area goes back to the early days of the Denver Folklore Center and Swallow Hill. Over the years, he has been performing – either solo or with various groups – at street fairs, fund raisers, coffee houses, churches, and so on.

Guitar instruction

Barry’s background is in fingerpicked folk, blues, pop, jazz and classical styles. He teaches standard and ‘open’ tunings as well as bottleneck style.

He enjoys working with students of all ages, from eight years old and up – whether they are just picking up the instrument for the first time or are interested in broadening or deepening their skills. His goal is to teach the techniques involved in playing the guitar and to help students achieve the sound, style and repertoire they seek.

With beginning students, Barry is a patient and caring teacher who will work at whatever speed is best for the student. Using standard notation and/or tablature, he’ll cover all the basics of playing the guitar, touching on the styles listed above.

Barry works with intermediate and advanced students to:

  • fine tune and deepen their repertoire
  • learn new techniques
  • explore new styles
  • learn the basics of music theory and how it applies to the guitar – especially how to build and alter chords and how to play by ear
  • learn to make the jump from chord charts and a single note melody to a fully developed guitar arrangement, either as an
  • instrumental solo or as vocal accompaniment
Banjo instruction

  • Beginner level folk and bluegrass styles (not frailing)

Ukulele instruction

  • Beginner level ukulele – children are especially welcome (age 4 or 5 and up)

Contact information

  • Phone: 303-669-2008
  • E-mail Barry at