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With nearly six decades of experience in evaluating and selling fine acoustic instruments, the Denver Folklore Center is uniquely qualified to provide you with an appraisal of your vintage instrument.

Our preferred method for appraisals is to see the instrument in-person. We can then evaluate the quality of the instrument first-hand and do the research necessary to provide you with our best estimate of value. You will receive a written appraisal within seven (7) days of delivering your instrument to us. Our fee for this form of appraisal is $100 payable at the time we deliver your documents.

For those who are not able to bring the instrument to our Denver location we offer a photograph-based appraisal. At least ten (10) high resolution photos are required and must include a photograph of the inside label or other evidence of the serial number or date of manufacture. The photographs must also disclose all flaws including cracks, scratches, missing components and unusual wear and tear. Based on the photographs and our own research, we will provide our best estimate of the instrument’s value with a written disclaimer that we did not see the actual instrument in person. This appraisal also requires seven (7) days and a fee of $75 at the time the photographs are submitted.

For more information about our appraisal program please contact one of our instrument specialists at 303-777-4786 or at