For years the Denver Folklore Center has had one of the best selections of banjos in the Rocky Mountain region. We carry some of the best known and respected brands in the business as well as quality used and vintage open-back and resonator banjos.




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Used and Vintage Banjos


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Deering Eagle II


Deering Eagle II Openback (2013)


Deering Goodtime Americana


Deering Goodtime Concert Banjo Uke


Deering Goodtime Openback


Deering Goodtime Special Openback


Deering Goodtime Two


Deering Goodtime Two Artisan


Deering Goodtime Two Artisan Special


Deering Sierra


Deering Vega Little Wonder 12" Pot


Deering Vega Senator


Gibson TB-11 Conversion (c.1930's)


Gibson TB-3 Conversion (c.1925-27)


Ome Custom Flora 12"


Ome Eclipse 11"


Ome Grand Artist (c.1996)


Ome Northstar 11"


Ome Wizard 11"